Marble Designer Bathroom

Luxury Marble Bathroom – Spacious White Designer Marble

This luxury marble bathroom design is an interesting combination of traditional and contemporary design that seems to work.

Modern windows and blinds are in total contrast to the traditional design with marble finishes to the floor and dado and heavy traditional bull nose.

It most certainly has been designed by a specialist bathroom designer.

The ornate stool seems out of place but is tied in by the traditional elements. Lighting and fittings are modern with the well lit lowered ceiling pelmet mirroring the bath plane creating the focus to the bathroom. The mirror behind the bath reflects natural light back into the bathroom as well as the artificial lighting from above.

The wall of cupboards is ideal for storage of towels, but as it is so large, I suspect that it could house a laundry behind it.

Luxury marble designer bathroom.

The marble floor and bath surround have a glossy polished finish and create the opulent feeling, and as you can see the floor is reflecting the light, so I think that it would be very slippery when wet. Something to think about when you design bathrooms and specify flooring products.

You can get marble and granite or tiles for that matter with different finishes for the floor to the walls, this is a very good idea, as no matter how careful you are, you will always slip on a high gloss floor like this at some stage. They are called honed or structured ,honed has a matt look, structured has a slightly raised finish to it providing the grip. Obviously they don’t look as good, but for safety they are a must.

It’s definitely a room that was designed to relax in, with a very large bath for soaking and an obligatory TV for some electronic entertainment. I think the TV has been an add on, as I don’t feel that the size or position has been well considered, especially with the halogen down lights shining directly down onto it.

The lowered dressing table space or bathroom vanity is a great idea and is well lit, I have changed my mind about the stool, I hate it. No matter what, I don’t think it fits in. I think shiny chrome with a white leather cushion would have been a more in keeping, or for a more dramatic look, a color could have been added here.  Black, charcoal, red or silver perhaps?