Bathroom Design Photos

Bathroom Design Photos with Designer Critiques

Use bedroom design photos with designer critiques to enhance your learning. Interior designers never stop looking for fresh new ideas, and it is the same for bathroom designers. Photographs in magazines, books and on the internet are a fantastic way to gather up new ideas for bathroom design. As an interior designer I have collected some bathroom photographs and written my comments on their design. This is a great way to break down elements and see if they work togeather or not.

Look at the combinations of fittings and fixtures, the wall finishes, floor finishes, the lighting, colors, themes, styles and finishing touches of decoration. See ways to use products that you are not familiar with, or get ideas on bathroom space planning and proportions.

Viewing other designer’s work is a wonderful way to improve your attention to detail for your future design projects.

Bathroom Design Photos

grecian themed bathroom design photo Day Bed Bath and Beyond Wonderful Grecian Styled Bathroom, large picture window, drapery, daybed, circular bath and mosaic tiles.
claw foot bath tub - bathroom design photo Claw Foot Bath Tub Large pale blue and white bathroom with white claw foot bath tub with traditional styled joinery.
White Marble Bathroom design photo Marble Designer Bathroom Luxurious white marble bathroom.
Victorian Pedestal Basin Pedestal Basin Powder Room Great use of wallpaper and gold detail in this powder room, pure elegance.
Shower Seat Shower Tile Seat Simple tiled shower with a built in seat.
Stylish bathroom wallpaper design photo Bathroom Wallpaper Design Stylish wallpaper is a wonderful design tool for bathrooms, see how well it works in this bathroom example.